We’re shining a light
on unrecognized talent.

Skillful.ly isn’t just another technology company, we’re a chartered Public Benefit Corporation on a mission to build the world’s most equitable employment platform.

Our mission, and the values below,
are what drive us forward:


Economic empowerment is the goal.

We exist to support Digital Learners as they turn their skills into a career, and offer them a pathway towards economic empowerment and meaningful professional opportunity.

Equity as a first principle.

To create a more equitable alternative to outdated employment practices we must reimagine it from the ground up, using equity as the starting point, not just an add-on.

Data protection
as a core value.

Your privacy is important to us. Skillful.ly uses industry-standard security measures to safeguard your personal information, and we will tell you in plain English how its stored, used, shared, and if you choose, deleted.

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Helping the digital generation
be seen for their skills,
not just their CV.

Online education means knowledge has never been so accessible for so many. Skillful.ly lets you turn that knowledge into real skills and stand out to employers based on your professional potential, not pedigree.

Our mission is to ensure that every candidate is seen for their intrinsic potential and the unique value they’ll bring to their career, building better businesses of the future.

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