Focus on potential,
not pedigree.

Potential can’t fit on a page. Showcase your unique talents and share your story proudly.

Tell your story,
land your dream job.

Ditch the resume. Build skills and find a job perfectly fit for you.

Build skills,
not CVs.

Team up and tackle real workplace projects sourced from top industry employers to master the job skills that matter.

Make connections,
not contacts.

Make connections with mentors, employers and future colleagues based on your unique values, interests and goals. .

Focusing employers
on what matters most:
your skills, and your
professional potential.

We match candidates to employment opportunities based on demonstrated skills and unique behavioral match to the job, measured by objective data and backed by science.

We’ll help you develop the skills you need, then use those skills to land the perfect job for you.

We’ve built the equitable employment platform of the future.

Show off your
whole self.

Tired of relying on resumes and cover letters to tell your story?

Build a professional profile that shows off your unique talents and skills by considering your values, your personality and your cognitive strengths when matching you with mentors, employers and job opportunities.

Build the skills
that matter.

Team up with other students and build new skills by working together on practice projects sourced from top industry employers.

The more projects you complete, the more skills you’ll master!

Meet employers on your terms.

Welcome to the equitable employment network of the future.

We introduce candidates to employers without conventional sources of bias: race, gender, age or university attended. Instead, employers see just what matters most: your overall fit to a specific role

Use to connect to a career path today!

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